Carpet And Upholstery

Protechs strongly believes that we want our clients to be our cheerleaders. We also know that most customers feel that they did not get a good return on investment from these services. For this reason, Protechs wants each client to be completely satisfied for the services they receive. Our goal is to be a trusted partner to help maintain your furnishings in your home. Hard Surface Care

Protechs is certified to handle all types of flooring in your residence including wood, ceramic, tile, linoleum, concrete etc. We come out for a free consultation to develop a program that works well for your needs.


  • To Save Money – regular cleaning prolongs the life of the carpet
  • Ease of Maintenance – a clean carpet is easier to clean up spots and stains and keep problem areas like traffic lanes looking good
  • Makes a Great First Impression – a clean carpet gives customers a good first impression of your business – it is pleasant, odorless and tells them you care
  • Is Healthier for Everyone – a dirty carpet is a filter that traps odors, dust and debris and is a breeding ground for bacteria
  • A Clean Carpet enhances the overall appearance of your facility and contributes to a healthier non-allergen environment for your workers


  • PROTECHS uses a Fresh Water Rinse with no detergent residue; this keeps carpets from re-soiling and lengthens the time between cleanings – our competitors do not do that
  • PROTECHS offers a Free Demonstration of the effectiveness of our methods
  • Protechs will help you and your staff custom design a maintenance program to help extend the life of your carpet
  • Protechs is a consultant who partners with you to adds your questions and concerns
Carpet and Floor Cleaning


Sorry we didn’t know about Protechs sooner as we were very satisfied and wouldn’t hesitate having you again. I gave my sister your telephone number.

Marjorie Aldridge

Mrs. Thompson called and stated that Kyle did an excellent job on her carpets Monday. She also said that Kyle went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that everything was done as she wanted.

Mrs. Thompson

For more information on how Protechs cleans carpets view our Carpet Cleaning Process PDF

For more information on how to remove stains view our Stain Chart PDF