Determining the NEED for HVAC Cleaning & Restoration







82% of building occupants have issues breathing due to their HVAC inside the building. Companies are spending over 100 Billion dollars a year for lost wages and medical bills associated with dirty HVAC Systems.


It is recommended that HVAC systems be cleaned when a proper HVAC cleanliness inspection or building history indicates one or more of the following conditions exist:

The HVAC system is contaminated with an accumulation of particulate.

The HVAC system performance is compromised due to contamination build-up.

The HVAC system has been determined to be a source of unacceptable odors.

The HVAC system is discharging visible dirt or debris into the conditioned space.

The HVAC system has been contaminated as a result of fire, smoke, and/or water damage.

The HVAC system has been infested with birds, rodents, insects, or their byproducts.

The HVAC system has been determined to be at risk for fire hazard.

The HVAC system has become contaminated with construction debris or dust.

Mold contamination has been discovered.

Deterioration of fiberglass duct liner, duct board, or other porous components.

As part of the HVAC equipment manufacturers recommended maintenance practices.

As part of a proactive energy management program.

As part of a proactive indoor air quality management program/LEED Certification.

When a newly installed component or duct has been contaminated with construction and/or other dust and debris.


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