SteraMist™ The ‘Virus’ Technology That Kills Coronavirus Plus Lots of Other Pathogens 

SteraMist™ The ‘Virus’ Technology That Kills Coronavirus Plus Lots of Other Pathogens 

TOMI Environmental Solutions product, SteraMist product kills pathogens—safely and effectively. Not just the CORONAVIRUS: but also Ebola, MERS, C. diff spores, sepsis, norovirus, anthrax, Staphylococcus, MRSA, Legionnaire’s and Zika. The kill list also includes food borne illness such as E. coli and salmonella and it’s the world’s safest natural sanitizer. We are a STERAMIST provider to Northeast Indiana and partnered with TOMI Environmental Solutions to rapidly deploy and aid in reducing the spread of Coronavirus.

Simple. Safe. Effective. Fast.

Tomi’s lead product, SteraMist, is a propriety two-step process that aerosolizes and activates a 7.8% hydrogen peroxide solution, along with a “secret sauce,” producing a fine aqueous mist. You probably have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) in your medicine cabinet; it’s the world’s safest natural sanitizer.

SteraMist’s hydrogen peroxide concentration produces a highly effective, germ-killing aerosol. SteraMist is unique in that the mist—more like a fog—”atomizes” the liquid and quickly covers hard to reach surfaces, with the same velocity and characteristics of a gas. This works faster and with less saturation than ordinary sprays.

(Source: Tomi)

Speed and portability are primary advantages: SteraMist can clean a room in minutes. The SteraMist hospital “terminal clean” protocol is 55 minutes. Competitive products, we believe, are generally far more caustic or take up to eight hours. All are superior to bleach hand scrubbing.

SteraMist is proven to kill all known bacteria, spores and inactivate all known viruses on surface by a “six log” or 99.9999% reduction, the highest standard.


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