Healthcare Infection Control: Protection begins with SteraMist™ Enhanced Disinfection

Healthcare Infection Control: Protection begins with SteraMist™ Enhanced Disinfection

Hospitals and all HealthCare facilities across the world are continuously searching for better ways to limit the spread of infections and improve their disinfection terminal cleans. Patients and healthcare workers can encounter a variety of infectious diseases that are easily spread throughout the facility from all surfaces including those hard to clean contaminated equipment and high touch surfaces.

Over the past several decades, a significant shift to achieve lower infection rates in healthcare delivery from the acute, inpatient hospital setting to a variety of outpatient and community-based settings has occurred. Outpatient care is provided in hospital-based outpatient clinics, non-hospital-based clinics and physician offices, ambulatory surgical centers, and many other specialized settings. More than three-quarters of all operations in the United States are performed in settings outside the hospital. These environments are unique, from a single patient room to an operating theatre to a rehabilitation center to emergency vehicle services.

The conditions aboard ambulances may significantly contribute to the spread of infectious bacteria, viruses and mold. As the first line of defense, ambulances transport injured or sick patients who may be infection carriers or may have weakened immune systems. Some products for wiping, spraying and fogging are limited because of missed areas or excessive wetness during the treatment process with agents in ambulances and other areas of a hospital.  An ambulance, and many other specialized settings, are specifically listed Hospital-HealthCare use sites in TOMI’s BIT registration. Don’t leave your facility’s emergency vehicles and transports open to that risk and contact TOMI today!

SteraMist powered by Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) provides fast acting biological kill and inactivation of harmful microorganisms, including those hard to kill MDRO’s such as  C.diff spores, MRSA, and the inactivation of Norovirus and influenza flu virus. (Please refer to EPA Reg. 90150-2).

Join some of the world’s most distinguished hospitals and healthcare facilities by contacting PROTECHS now at 260-471-3165 for a recommended custom evaluation and protocol for your facility. In addition, learn more about how your Environmental Cleaning Staff can integrate SteraMist BIT into your current terminal clean protocol or to schedule a TOMI iHP disinfection service in your hospital or healthcare facility. 


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