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Why Bleach Doesn’t Work

Authored By: Helene Paxton, MS, MT(ASCP),PhD, CIC

Most citations for disinfection of C. diff in the environment states that bleach should be used or compares against bleach. So my question is if bleach is so effective, why does C. diff continue to haunt us and sicken our patients? It is the fastest growing infection in our hospitals. The fact is that there are other chemicals that also work as sporicidals for C. diff as listed on the EPA K list. Other agents do work so why does bleach continue to be the mainstay?

What Affect does SteraMist have on Mold?

What Affect does SteraMist have on Mold?

SteraMist does not remove spores – it kills them.
Only those spores it comes in contact with. So if an ATP test is done which counts
spore cells, living or dead, it would not pass it 100% for sure as it kills mold making
it non-active.
(The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms
through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.)